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Here at Giapo, we’re passionate about helping others see ice cream in a different way.  We’ve enjoyed creating a unique ice cream experience for Aucklanders. We’ve decided to share our secrets in the form of a VIP Learning Experience.

This opportunity will allow you to learn while working side by side with the Giapo team. Through a hands-on approach, you’ll be introduced to our cutting-edge creations and experience the processes and methods we use to make Giapo what it is today.

We’ll open the door to our kitchen, invite you right in and show you what has made it so successful over the years. You’ll learn the primary methods of making ice cream (soft serve, liquid nitrogen and traditional machine-churned) and how to make ice cream as delicious as it can possibly  be. You’ll learn the secrets behind Giapo’s innovative decorations, pastries, chocolate and waffle cones which complement the ice creams we sell. We also permit the use of cameras during your time with us.  

This is a unique opportunity to add our creativity, intuitive knowledge and precise technical skills to your flair and business savvy. You’ll come away with the freedom to easily run a kitchen as successful as ours. We offer the chance to learn, but also to be part of a professional network of like-minded people and experts, eager to help and answer your questions – even after your time with us is over.

This experience is perfect for committed and passionate individuals with the drive to take their career or business to the next level. The VIP Learning Experience is three weeks in duration and costs $8900 plus GST.

For further enquiries and bookings please contact us with your preferred dates and we will contact you straight back.
You do not need prior experience to complete the VIP Learning Experience. See you in the kitchen!