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Ever wondered what a Colossal Squid would taste like?

Giapo has just released this incredible creation, inspired by Te Papa's world famous Colossal Squid. People express their love for Te Papa in many ways, and we wanted to create an edible form of tribute. Chef and Patron Giapo Grazioli says that the discovery of the first colossal squid in 2007 had always stuck with him. After a visit to Te Papa to see the squid with his five- and seven-year-old children two years ago, he set about creating this delicious and surreal masterpiece for the 10th anniversary of the discovery. The creative chef says seeing the colossal squid at Te [...]

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Looking For a Better Yoghurt

 A Giapo research in collaboration with the  School of Science, Auckland University of Technology. Special Thanks to Dr. Sean T.S. Wei & Dr. Michelle Yoo who have helped us with the findings.  The goal of this research was to isolate a different DNA from the known Lactobacillus Delbrueckii subsp. Bulgaricus. One that is more heat tolerant than the commercial culture collection.  Introduction Lactobacillus delbrueckii are Gram-positive, facultative anaerobic, non-motile and non-spore- forming, rod-shaped (cell size range = 0.5-0.8 x 2.0-9.0 μm) bacteria. This species is industrially important to production of many fermented foods of both plant and animal origin. Like other lactic acid [...]

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We are Closing Giapo and ……

Dear friends, I have news to share. Our Queen Street store - that neat little space next to the Civic theater, is closing its doors this Sunday ( tomorrow), February 19th. We are proud to have spent almost nine years trying to prove that ice cream can be both delicious and innovative.We have immensely enjoyed serving Auckland and its visitors since 2008. These years have been the best years of my life, and it comes without saying that they have also been years of hard slog with so many moments when it would have been very easy [...]

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Two become one – Valentines Day Special

It started as a stream of thought, Giapo’s limited edition Valentine’s Day 2017 creation. The thoughts became a sketch, then after some more thought, a CAD design. The design was 3D-printed and then a vacuum mold was made from the print. The mold is used to make two shapes. These two shapes intricately join together to form one heart, made from luscious milk chocolate which is then powder-coated in shimmering bronze. Each golden half is carefully settled into a precise place on an ice cream-filled cone. The ice cream is a work of art in itself: chocolate brûleé [...]

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Bittersweet symphony: How music influences the taste of gelati

Hello everyone, this post is about research that I have been working on with the Auckland University of Technology ( AUT) at the School of Applied Science. AUT is my university where I graduated with a Diploma of Applied Science. This latest research has now been completed and published by the Journal Appetite, which is part of Elsevier.  Here is the peer reviewed published article for your perusal: http://dx.doi.org/10.1016/j.appet.2016.02.143   No research stands alone; each study builds on research that has been done before. So while our previous research had found links between music and taste, our latest study is the [...]

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The effect of background music on food ( gelato) pleasantness ratings

 Abstract This study investigated whether samples of pleasant, neutral and unpleasant music can impact food perception. To this end, the pleasantness of three different types of chocolate gelati (milk chocolate, dark chocolate and bittersweet chocolate) was determined using fifty participants exposed to silence (the reference condition) and three music samples differing in self-rated preference. To measure hedonic responses to the gelati samples, Time Intensity methods were utilized to derive the maximum intensity of pleasantness and the area under the Time Intensity pleasantness curve. The presence of non-preferred music significantly decreased the pleasantness ratings of all three types of chocolate gelati [...]

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How coconut oil makes ice cream delicious

I’m always looking for ways to make our ice cream more amazing. Recently the Giapo team experimented with swapping cocoa butter for different amounts of virgin coconut oil, to see its effect on the quality of our ice cream – without changing the overall fat content. In this blog, you’ll find out how coconut oil impacts the resulting flavour, texture, viscosity (thickness), mouth feeling, appearance, and melting rate of our ice cream. We found using more coconut oil means ice cream takes a longer time to melt, has a better texture and tastes more incredible. Introduction Coconut oil is also [...]

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The making of our Jelly Tip

At Giapo, we love celebrating New Zealand. In July I created my take on an iconic Kiwi favourite, the Jelly Tip ice cream. The tribute was part of #JellyTipJuly, and my version is a hand-crafted dessert for those with finer tastes – an ice-cream for adults. It takes the three elements of the classic Jelly Tip (raspberry jelly, vanilla ice-cream and chocolate) to new heights of sophistication. It’s my most beautiful ice cream yet and it tastes like heaven. Step By Step Here’s how I made my take on the Jelly Tip ice cream. Thanks to artist and designer Billie Popovich for [...]

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Experimenting with cocoa butter

Ice cream is one of the most famous desserts in the world. It is a beautiful mixture made with protein, fat and sugar. I have written this blog to share with you why we use cocoa butter in our ice cream. At Giapo, we want to deliver the best product possible and push the boundaries when it comes to ice cream. That's why we continually experiment with new ingredients. As well as being a chef, I am also very interested in the science of food. I recently carried out research to find out what happens when we substitute butter fat [...]

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Artspace Edible Installation

Wednesday 25th February was a very exciting day for us. We prepared a special installation at K Road’s Artspace Gallery for a private exhibition ... a centrepiece of edible miniature road cones bursting with our New Zealand cherry plum ice cream. This experimental form of edible artwork was a collaboration between myself and artist Billie Popovic. We invited the guests to disassemble the work, removing the cones to have them filled with a delicious creation - our K-Road inspired cherry plum ice cream flavour. The cones, delicately crafted from orange tinted white chocolate, were designed to resemble the humble road markings commonly cursed as [...]

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